We offer independent technical advice based on in-depth product and systems knowledge, which has been developed over the multitude of diverse projects we have completed. We provide our consultants with up to date information on market trends and product advancements. Combining our depth of experience with a detailed future vision, our designers are best placed to offer informed consultancy advice.

Concept and Design

The most important part of the project delivery process is to correctly establish the optimum system to fit both the family and property’s requirements. We conduct an initial interview where a room by room performance matrix is drawn up, with all the family’s considerations discussed in line with the marketplace offers - and a system function and control architecture is born. This design document travels with the project to completion and forms the basis for the specific equipment schedule to be prepared against.


The key to successful system integration is concise and up to date documentation. Whether it be for first fix cabling or detailed AV furniture design, clear documents are of paramount importance. Communication and documentation are key to our successful operation and we pride ourselves on its quality and presentation. Marquee Home installations are undertaken by our team of experienced and trained in-house engineers. Our strict rules of site engagement reflect the high standards set, with greatest respect given to our clients’ premium interiors and finishes.


Another critical part of the process aims to tailor the completed systems to encompass the specific functionality the client requires. Due to the number of variables involved, we work alongside our clients over the initial daily usage, attending to any minor fine tuning as we go.


Working to the highest standards and meeting all the latest regulations, we can undertake all your electrical installation requirements. We work alongside your design team to ensure seamless integration of your electrical installation.


We try to make all of our user interfaces very intuitive and as such most clients become familiar with their operation almost immediately. Training tends to be more directed toward infrastructural items such as electrical isolators and items which may need resetting such as SKY boxes and Network Routers. The equipment we specify is very reliable but like all electronics, power cuts and system glitches will mean some user input and that is what the main training is for.


Expert product selection at the design phase, enables us to make user interfaces very intuitive, and as such most clients become familiar with their operation almost immediately. We specify reliable equipment but like all electronics, power cuts and system glitches will mean some user input and we offer training to assist you. Office support staff and on-road service engineers cover system backup. On-going preventative maintenance plays an important role in system reliability and product lifespan. We offer a number of personally tailored maintenance packages, designed to meet your system's unique requirements, each one offering you peace of mind.


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