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Setting up a comfortable and fully functional office space is critical to effective home working. Whether a dedicated study room or a temporary work space, it is vitally important to attend to all the following considerations:

  • Optimum location for good natural light and view to improve your mood and boost your performance.
  • Suitable furniture to house your technology and dedicated seating for perfect alignment and posture.
  • Suitably located high definition camera with a wide angle view to present you and any merchandise in focus with realistic colour and required detail.
  • Highly sensitive 360 degree microphone for room wide pickup and dedicated first class playback speaker, to clearly hear all meeting participants.
  • Dual or multiple displays, to be able to view attendees and more importantly documentation and other UC content.
  • Fast and secure enterprise grade WIFI/broadband, with priority data access over family and other network traffic.


Using your lifestyle technology should be an intuitive and effortless experience. Our attention to detail across all areas of your design provides for the aesthetic integration of all components, enabling you to enjoy performance and reliability without confusion and clutter. Future proof installations are an important part of today’s connected home, and the ability to add to and upgrade your system as technology develops, is a key constituent of our design ethos.


Fun time is what we all work and live for and our aim is to maximise enjoyment throughout the home. Whether it be adjusting the mood lighting for the family movie or selecting your favourite song or playlist, from the comfort of your chair. From exceptional sound to Ultra HD screens and cinemas, we can provide the full works for the ultimate experience.


Lighting sets the scene; whether it be for a big dinner party or everyday life. The advent of LED technology has allowed us to do far more with lighting within the home and with utilization of intelligent controls, can be intuitively managed. Everyday scenes can be repeatedly accessed at the touch of a button, enabling whole house energy management. Automation of blinds, shades and curtains is an important part of the home’s environmental management. These offer privacy whilst maintaining natural light to manage solar gain.


Family safety and building security are more important than ever these days. To safeguard this, we specify and commission the latest security systems, tailored for your needs, with mobile activity alerts to provide peace of mind, whether on holiday or at the office. A deterrent to burglary or vandalism but also useful to monitor comings and goings.


Our expertise lies in the amalgamation of complex systems into easy to use integrated solutions. Fast reliable internet access is a must for every connected home. Maximising its potential into wired and wireless networks is our speciality. Designed and configured correctly, these systems allow the family to work, study, stream, download, watch and play all digital media in a same and dependable manner.

Successfully managing the environment within the modern home needs careful planning – with heating, cooling and balancing natural and artificial light . With the correct deployment of appropriate shades, blinds and smart control, these environmental systems can be managed with ease.



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