Unified communication and team collaboration

Using the numerous phone and tablet platforms for video calling is fine for friends and family, and also works well for one to one casual business meetings. The problems start to develop when you extend this in to the formal business environment, with multiple attendees and mixed collaborative content.

Any CEO or senior company operative will know that it is critical to maintain clear communication with their teams, whilst at the same time being able to view critical dashboard information at a glance and on a daily basis. Designing and deploying the appropriate audio visual and IT solutions, provides a solid foundation from which all unified communication can function.

Technology for an evolving World

With the latest technology it is now possible to have enterprise grade corporate video conferencing systems installed in your homes. Life- like business virtual meetings are a necessity now rather than a luxury and as the world recovers, businesses will start to operate very differently. Through this forced evolution and logical progression, much less of our time will be spent in transit and more of it dedicated to effective remote working from home offices and small huddle spaces.

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