Our Systems

Multi-Room Audio Visual

The ability to select and enjoy a piece of music or a film within one’s home is an important part of the family enjoyment. With today’s many diverse options for source content, multiplied by numerous users in a number of different rooms, you can quickly see the requirement for a pragmatic design process covering media storage, access, distribution and intuitive user control systems.

Undertaking an early analysis of the family’s current and future media requirements allows systems to be built to cover all users requirements and the different quality of sound required in each area.

Home Theatre & Media Rooms

Home Theatre is a classification that we feel covers a dedicated room where movies, sports or games can be enjoyed with a large screen and surround sound experience. This may involve a projector or just a large TV screen but the end result is a room where the technology allows the viewers total immersion in the selected content.

Media Rooms are a new wave of spaces cropping up normally pivotal to the homes main lifestyle area. These are rooms that allow the family informal quick access to music, film, TV, internet, photos and any other media playback required. A modern term for a TV room but much more and we can tailor audio visual system to contain as much functionality as the users require. With the new breed of Smart TVs on their way this part of the home is about to become even more interesting.

Automated Lighting Systems

With the wealth of talent delivered by modern interior designers and lighting consultants comes a level of feature and practical lighting integration. This involves providing clients simple control over the numerous lighting circuits employed to set off their new home. Whether it be a dull day, middle of the night or a new year’s party it is important that at a touch of a button the correct mood can be easily accessed.

Blinds, shades and curtains are also an important part of the home’s environmental management, and automation of these can be very beneficial. With blackout for extended sleep or cinema use, shades to soften the midday direct sun and offer privacy whilst maintaining natural light or simple curtain control, there are many ways to manage day light and solar gain. With numerous options available to us we can work with the design team to deliver the optimum solution.

Telephony & Data Networking

Data networks are becoming a victim of their own success and more and more manufacturers are taking the opportunity to use their data highways for control and media traffic. With wired and wireless systems it is becoming more important to construct network platforms within the home suitable for securely managing the data traffic with swamping or other conflicts. To resolve these issues we employ professional network hardware and access points which allow suitable configuration to manage traffic and bandwidth. With the much higher bandwidth demands placed on the network from audio visual media traffic, correct management becomes critical to reliable function.

For larger properties where call management and room to room communication are a consideration, we offer the provision of digital telephone systems. These enable wireless telephone coverage throughout and also numerous line routings and call management.

Control Systems

As each property has its own unique set of requirements, it is important to address at an early stage all the services and control functionality needed. In conjunction with the design team and client it is then decided if each system should operate in a stand-alone manner or be integrated into one cohesive control platform throughout.

Central control solutions such as Crestron and Control 4 offer a range of user interfaces and control hardware, which provide clients with simple one touch control of otherwise complex processes. These can encompass audio visual, HVAC, lighting, blinds, CCTV, access control and anything that can be powered and controlled.

Integrated Access & Surveillance

In today’s world it is not only nice to know who is at your door but also why someone is in your garden. Both internal and remote monitoring of external surveillance cameras are a key part of personal and property security. With 24/7 digital viewing and recording we design systems that offer peace of mind whether at home or abroad.

When considering integrated access, visual identification of callers and pedestrian or vehicular access control is now a part of the modern gated properties and the ability to attend to a caller quickly no matter where you are is important. With in-wall video entry stations and interlinked phone solutions, we can easily cater for these requirements within our delivered scheme.